Vetovoimala in English 

Vetovoimala-project, funded by European Social Fund, develops the national guidance and application services of intensified and special support. Project is implemented together with Luovi Vocational College, Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting as well as Helsinki Vocational College.

The project organises complimentary trainings for professionals working in the transition phase as well as co-operation forums that act as a networking and discussion areas for developing the entity of guidance services for intensified and special support.   

Information about the

project demand

10% of adolescents are left outside of education after basic level education

40% of those completed only basic level education are unemployed

The objects of Vetovoimala-project arise from the needs of study guidance and transition phase services for the clients needing special and intensified support. This demand is also manifested in various research results, such

as in the evaluation report of the Vocational education completion improvement agenda (2015). The report (2015) notes that persons with special education needs have higher risk of discontinuing studies and social exclusion compared to other students.


The object of Vetovoimala-project is developing the guidance for vocational education and transition phase services of the clients demanding special and intensified support. As a result of the development work, a uniform, national operational model will be created for the guidance of the pupil and student needing support.


Services will be developed for the needs of the persons demanding special and intensified support applying both in joint application as well as in continuous application systems. The operational model will utilise the role of functional capacity as a part of the guidance support.


Development will take place together with professionals working in the transition phase. The project will organise training in order to implement good practices and to strengthen the expertise of the professionals working in the transition phase.

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